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A famous barber – you don’t want to become

Did you guess who it was?

Sweeney Todd – the legendary, demon barber with a sideline in baked goods. Fortunately, he was, of course, fictional.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sweeney Todd story, Todd, was a Fleet Street barber, and a serial killer who murdered his clients.

As they sat in the barbers chair he pulled a lever and they fell backwards through a revolving trapdoor, falling to the basement below and breaking their necks (if not the Sweeney finished them off!) His victims’ corpses were then made into delicious meat pies, by his neighbor, Mrs Lovett and sold in her pie shop nearby.

And even though this Victorian tale has continued to appeal to audiences throughout the years, even inspiring Tim Burton to create a 2007 British-American musical and a film – we do NOT recommend this a business strategy.

What we DO recommend is that you consider barbering as profession and we can train you (do not be tempted to go into the baked good sideline!)