Barber Instructor Training Course

Instructor Training Course for Barbers

Since 1910 we have successfully graduated thousands of barbers, and delivered the freshest This Instructor Training Course is a 600 hour course and is offered to current California licensed barbers who are interested in becoming certified barber instructors at our barber school. Aspiring instructors have the option of enrolling at Moler Barber College at the main campus in Oakland, CA, and satellite campuses in San Pablo, CA or Hayward, CA. Included in the program is a guided approach to creating environments and curriculum to optimize your prospective students and course work.

This program includes theories on teaching methods and procedures of barber schools, practical phases of barbering, and a comprehensive overview of state examination procedures to better enable you to prepare future barbers. Additionally, this program allows you to find ways to grow as a professional in the barbering community and gives opportunities to fully leverage your experience and mentorship to other like-minded aspiring barbers.

Are you interested in being an instructor at an approved and accredited barbering institution?
This program help you leverage your barbering insight and expertise to a beginning barber student. For any aspiring instructor barber that wants to have credentials from an approved and accredited barbering school in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll find that at Moler Barber College, we produce some of the finest barber experts even beyond our main campus in Oakland, CA, and satellite campuses in San Pablo, CA or Hayward, CA. What our instructor program provides are valuable and unique opportunities to grow your barbering career.

This course is led by top-performing barbering instructors and haircutting experts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our community of students and instructors at Moler Barber work together to cultivate their creativity and combine it with our proven curriculum to generate professional and dedicated barbers that are among the best in the industry. Our graduates become licensed barbers that go on to independently own their own businesses and become sought-after barbers in the Bay Area.

This program requires completed 12th grade education, a current barber license and students must be at least 18 years of age.

Duration: 15 weeks (up to 6 months maximum)

Tuition & Fees: $7,086

About Moler Barber College:

Cuts and styles in the Bay Area. Moler Barber College is a California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology approved college that was founded on the principles of customer service, precision, and professionalism. We support our students through hands-on training, comprehensive work experiences, education that is tailored to the California Barber License exam and by ensuring that no matter their situation, students are supported in their learning with access to numerous financial aid programs.